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Other Products

Other Products

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  1. Other Products

  2. Professional Casio Cash Register

    Casio Cash Register Professional Model SE-S400

    • A quiet and fast thermal printer is ideal in low-noise environments and ensures that working with the cash register is pleasant.
    • With a 58-mm receipt roll, it meets the demands of even the busiest businesses while offering impressive print speed and outstanding quality.
    • The "drop-in" paper loading system makes changing the paper roll quick and easy.
    • You can also design your own receipt roll with a graphics logo from one of the pre-installed logos.
    Learn More

  3. Labelling Meto EAGLE One Line Price Gun

    Meto EAGLE® 626 One Line Price Gun

    • Meto EAGLE® 626 One Line Price Gun Is the high range solution where quality, flexibility and customizing are valued highly.
    • Meto 626 is the standard labelling machine for the single-line labelling. With 6 digits, this printer is able to print all prices up to €999.99 on a label 26×12 mm.
    • * Ready to use
    • Comes with: Meto 626 Eagle Pricing Gun, 1,500 White Peelable Price Labels & Instructions.
    Learn More
  4. Duramitt Gloves Sponge Cleaning

    DURAMITT - Sponge Mitt

    DURAMITT - Practical, Confortable, Durable and Non-Abrasive

    Sponge Mitt

    The Sponge Mitt is perfect for everyday bathroom and kitchen cleaning.
    Anytime you would use a sponge, Duramitt makes it faster and easier; from washing the car to cleaning hard-to-reach kitchen crevices. Also use it for messy jobs, like spreading wallpaper paste or paint.

    Learn More
  5. Household Cleaning Mitt Glove

    DURAMITT - White Mitt

    DURAMITT - Practical, Confortable, Durable and Non-Abrasive

    White Mitt

    The White Mitt has a fine white scouring surface for scouring without scratching.
    It's ideal for cleaning sinks, showers, tubs, tile, fiberglass, Pyrex and Teflon cookware as well as a thousand other uses.

    Learn More
  6. Washing Hand Protection Mitt Glove

    DURAMITT - The Green Mitt

    DURAMITT - Practical, Confortable, Durable and Non-Abrasive

    The Green Mitt

    The Green Mitt has a medium grade green scouring surface for hard to clean surfaces. It is ideal for flooring, ceramic tile, maintenance equipment, cleaning ovenware and removing burnt or dried stains on pots and pans.

    Learn More
  7. Pet Grooming Special Mitt Glove

    DURAMITT - The Pet Mitt

    DURAMITT - Practical, Comfortable, Durable and Non-Abrasive

    The PetMitt

    The Pet Mitt is the choice of animal lovers for bathing and grooming their pets.
    The studs are designed to pamper pets with a gentle massage and to remove tangles without damaging their fur. At the same time, the latex mitt protects your hand from the effects of any harsh pet shampoo or powder.

    Learn More
  8. Casio LCD Screen Cash Register

    Casio SE-G1 Cash Register

    • Casio SE-G1 Cash Register allows you to put your shop name on receipt.
    • Fixed rear LCD customer display Compulsory till roll - use either receipt or journal mode. 
    • Department text is fixed Large LCD User Display. 
    • Casio SE-G1 only has a small cash drawer and cannot issue copy receipts (SEG1 only available in black at the moment)
    Learn More
  9. Casio Thermal Spare Rolls

    Casio Thermal Spare Rolls x 20

    20 thermal rolls for the Casio SE-G1 and SE- S400 cash register. Learn More
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