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Xpanding Hose

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  1. Xpanding Hose

  2. X Hose Connector

    Xpanding Hose Joiner Connector

    Use the Xpanding Hose Connector to joining two Xpanding Hoses together. If the length of your expandable hose isn't enough for your needs, just connect it to a second expandable hose and get up to 200 feet of hose. Learn More
  3. Xpanding Hose Spray Nozzle

    Xpanding Hose 8 Settings Spray Nozzle

    Multifunction sprayer head with 8 different spray settings! ** Suitable for using with the Expanding Hose ** Learn More

    Regular Price: €19.99


  4. Xhose Valve Adaptor Two Pieces

    Xpanding Hose On/Off Water Valve Adaptor x 2pc - Accessories

    Xpanding Hose Accessories - 2pcs On/Off Valve Ball adaptor. Visit our website Shop4Choice and buy expandable hose and accessories online. Learn More
  5. Xhose Water Jet Spray

    Turbo Hose Nozzle

    Fine Mist To Jet Wash, The Last Garden Hose Nozzle You'll Ever Need! Learn More

    Regular Price: €19.99


  6. Xpanding Hose Jet Spray

    Xpanding Hose Water Jet Sprayer High Pressure Powerful Washer

    • Xpanding Hose Water Jet connects to any standard garden hose or your Xpanding Hose to provide extra water power for cleaning.
    • Water Jet is perfect for cleaning your home, car, garden and high reach windows.
    • Water Jet Stream Nozzle Fan Spray Nozzle.
    Learn More
  7. Measures of Holder for Expandable Hose

    Xpanding Hose Holder

    • The Standard / Xpanding Hose Holder is the perfect way to store and hang your standard garden hose or Expanding Hose. 
    • Simply hang the Holder Support on your garden tap or wherever you prefer to keep your Expanding Hose or garden hose. 
    • There's no need to struggle with winding your hose round the tap or trailing it on the floor - simply attach the Expanding Hose Holder to your wall or post in your garage, shed or utility area.
    Learn More
  8. Black Female Repair Connector with Join Connector

    X2 Black Female Repair Connectors + 1 Joiner Replacement Parts

    • The expandable hose is also different from heavy conventional hoses as it is very lightweight.
    • Despite its several advantages to conventional hoses, expandable hoses can still rip or have leaks that need to be repaired.
    • Luckily, it is possible to make quick, effective repairs to an expandable hoses without spending a lot of money or having to repair it.
    Learn More
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