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50ft Hose Bundle Deal Set
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50ft Hose Bundle Deal Set

Quick Overview:

Xpanding 50ft Hose Bundle Set

This Xpanding Hose Is Super lightweight With Quick Connectors Attached With The Hose Itself.

Never Kinks, Twists or Tangles, Automatically Contracts in Seconds

Bundle Included: Xpanding 50ft hose, 8 Speed Spray Nozzle, Water Jet, Hose Holder & Tap Adaptor.

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50ft Hose Bundle Deal Set

The amazing self-propelling, expandable hose that expands like magic up to three times its original length when you turn it on and retracts by itself when you turn it off!! The secret is in its clever dual sleeve, water pressure activated design. Inside is a flexible, expandable hose surrounded on the outside by a heavy-duty protective mesh sleeve. As water inside the hose begins to flow, pressure builds and the hose expands, stretching the outer liner up to three times its original size. You get the high-pressure power of a heavyweight hose, without the heavy weight you hate! It's incredibly light, so you can carry it all around the house. It's so small, it stores neatly on a shelf or in a your car, boat or caravan. The pliable, expandable design never kinks, never binds and never tangles, so water flows freely all the time while the slick web mesh outer layer slides smoothly over or under any surface.The expandable hose is the most amazing, expanding, featherweight, easy to use and simple to store hose.
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